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Commissioning Fiji Sports Council’s Ground Maintenance and Workshop Depot

27th March 2014 the Fiji Sports Council officially commissioned its Ground Maintenance and Workshop Depot at the ANZ Stadium in Laucala Bay, Suva.

Commissioning the FSC Ground Maintenance and Workshop Depot was the Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports, Commodore Viliame Naupoto.

The new FSC Ground Maintenance and Workshop Depot is one of the new developments at Fiji Sports Council.  The construction of the new warehouse is to safe keep and maintain the condition of the Sports Council equipment and machinery purchased during the development project.

The priority for FSC is the storage and maintenance of the equipment.  If circumstances allow, then space in the warehouse can be leased to Sporting Organisations for storage and safekeeping of their equipment and gear.

FSC re-used selected materials from the decommissioned National Stadium in 2012 to contribute to the construction of the warehouse enabling the Fiji Sports Council to minimize costs. RC Manubhai also contributed to the construction by supplying the roofing materials for this facility.

At the same occasion, the Minister for Youth and Sport, Commodore Viliame Naupoto also be awarded Fiji Sports Council’s Employee of the Quarter award.

Over the past 3 years, FSC has been recognizing its employees by awarding its staff with quarterly rewards for being the most outstanding employee.  People are the driving force behind any organisation and recognition for their efforts and hard work would continue to motivate the staff to perform and gain recognition for a job well done.  And more importantly this is a nomination from peers said Mrs. Litiana Loabuka, Chief Executive Officer.

FSC team through the criteria set out is able to identify peers who are extremely outstanding that deserve the award. At the end of each year Management also award the employee of the year.

At the Fiji Sports Council, there is an open door policy for dialogue. Staff members are empowered and trained to upskill and opportunities exist for employees to undergo training.  These are additional benefits offered to staffs which motivates them.

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